Why "Drive Unlimited"?

Our philosophy stems from the unlimited possibilities offered by the personality combined with the characteristics of each dog that allow us to train and build a perfect relationship with our pet according to our needs.

Following the latest training techniques and researches related to the psychology and behavior of dogs, the highly trained personnel of Drive Unlimited guarantees the success of any program you choose.

Our experience is based on continuous training through seminars and collaborations with world-class dog trainers and combined with countless hours of practice and participation in dog training competitions in Greece and abroad. So we created for you programs tailored to your needs so as to conquer the best possible and fair relationship with your dog.

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  • Drive Unlimited dog training center is the first training center for pets and working dogs in Greece that provides the widest range of services and technical training.
  • We offer a fully equipped and friendly environment that serves every need through our specialized programs for every type of activity with your furry friends.
  • You can count on us to initiate you to the wonderful world of your most faithful friend with harmony, balance and of course without violence.
  • The Dog Training Center "Drive Unlimited" is located at Agios Vasileios - Thessaloniki.